Inventive instruments draw-along: winning entry and Yoto Daily interview

Update 24/03/2024: scroll down to listen to Jake's interview with the winner, as heard on Yoto Daily!

In December last year, to celebrate the launch of The Beatles and Paul McCartney on Yoto, we offered one young music fan the chance to record with Yoto Daily’s Jake for a special episode.

The challenge? Invent a brand new musical instrument! 

And wow. We were amazed by the hundreds of brilliant submissions. You can browse through them all yourself in the gallery. If you see one that you like, why not leave a comment on the post to let the artist know?

With so many inventive ideas and detailed drawings, it was a big challenge for Jake to look through them all and choose a winner! Everyone who submitted a drawing should be really proud. 

We were so impressed, not only is there a winner, but there are also three runners-up.

So, without further ado... on to the winner!

Winner: Starlaphone by Hazel 

Jake says: I love the Starlaphone! I really think it captures the best things about music perfectly. 

Firstly, the sense of community that music gives us; this instrument is designed to be shared with other people all facing each other, which I love. 

And secondly, the joy that music brings; each key on the Starlaphone makes a colourful bubble and what’s more joyous than bubbles!? 

Great job… and congratulations!

Hazel won: the chance to record with Jake, a new Yoto Player, Adventure Jacket, Wireless Headphones and The Beatles 1962 – 1966 (Yoto Edition), The Beatles 1967 – 1970 (Yoto Edition) and Say Hello to Paul McCartney cards.

You can hear Hazel's full interview in the March 26 2024 episode of Yoto Daily.

Here's a clip where she talks about the Starlaphone:

Runners up

The runners-up will each receive a selection of music Yoto cards.

The Trident Guitar by Callia

Jake says: Wow, so much going on in this instrument! It changes colour, it has a projector, a camera and can play anything you want! Best of all for me it has hidden jewels that keep a permanent record of the songs you play. 

Music is all about making memories and so I absolutely love this feature. Great instrument and wonderful drawing detailing it all. Fantastic stuff Callia!

The Bittersweet Saxophone by Hazel

Jake says:I just love that description from Hazel! I would love a Bittersweet Saxophone - we all have bad days now and again and if I had this instrument to hand I could blast away my worries in one colourful toot! 

I also think this instrument captures what the Beatles were all about; spreading love in the world. Great work Hazel!

The Elemental Guitar by Donovan

Jake says: A simple but excellent idea from Donovan here. A four-string guitar that plays the sounds of the elements - how cool is that? I can already hear it - the howl of the wind, the rumble of the earth, the crackle of fire and the rush of water.

Fantastic concept and an instrument that I would love to have a go on. Even though I can’t play the guitar, I’m sure that I could make an awesome noise with this!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted an inventive instrument. Why not browse the full gallery?

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