Get the Yoto Space app

You can add Yoto Space to the Home Screen of your phone, just like any other app.

For iPhone

  1. Go to Yoto Space in Safari. Tap the tray icon in the bottom middle

  1. Scroll down a bit and tap Add to Home Screen

  1. Yoto Space will now be on your phone Home Screen for easy access.

For Android

1. Go to Yoto Space on Chrome. Tap the three dot menu at the top right, then tap Add to Home screen.

  1. Confirm by tapping Install

  1. When downloaded you will get this confirmation

  1. Yoto Space will now be on your phone Home screen for easy access.

In addition to adding it to your home screen you can also turn notifications on by clicking on your pic in the top right > account settings > notifications > desktop notifications. You many also need to scroll down to the list of 'spaces' and for those that you're interested in, select manage > all activity. With this set up it's almost the same as having an app.

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