New to Yoto Space?

Some tips for getting started

Yoto Space is for every parent, carer and grandparent in the Yoto community.

It's where we can ask each other questions, share tips & tricks for getting the most out of Yoto, discover new audio you can get for free, and even contribute with you own original audio creations to find an audience for the content you make!

Follow these three steps to get started...

Two important notes:

  • This is a community space for adult users: so no accounts by under 18s are allowed. We will need to suspend and delete any accounts that appear to be controlled by children.

  • Check any content is right for your family: a lot of the content here is provided by members just like you. That means there is lots of choice for interesting new podcasts, or classic public domain stories, or even new audio creations that people have made and shared.

    This extra choice, compared to Yoto Cards, or in the Yoto App, brings a bit more responsibility, and you may want to check that anything you add to your library is right for your family.

Please do share any feedback with us, on this short survey, the community site is here for you, and together we make it what it is!