Yoto Champions

Anyone can become a Yoto Champion. You may already be one...

Get an exclusive shiny badge on your Yoto Space profile for contributing to the community in different ways. As a tiny thank you from us, and as a way to show others your skills and interests.

The badge list:

Conversation Starters have helped to start lots of interesting and useful discussions in any area of Yoto Space. It would be a boring place without them.

Yoto Champions are the real deal. They have helped others with answers to questions, shared some particularly fantastic new ideas on the Ideas Wall, or generally contributed to the Yoto Space community in an outstanding fashion. Take a bow...

Audio Makers are bursting with creativity. They have made an original piece of audio and shared it on Yoto Space.

Audio Discoverers have found some great new audio that's not on Yoto and added it to Podcasts or Public Domain or Radio on Yoto Space.

We are working on some cool Yoto swag to reward outstanding contributors, and you can complete the Yoto Space feedback survey where there is s question about what Yoto swag you'd like to see!

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